Understanding Public Values toward Wildlife in the United States

America’s Wildlife Values is a research partnership between federal and state fish and wildlife management agencies and leading academic institutions. Our goal is to inform effective wildlife management through a better understanding of the wildlife values held by the American public.

Wildlife Values across the American Landscape

America’s Wildlife Values will assess wildlife values in all 50 states, allowing for state and regional comparisons of public views on a variety of wildlife management issues.

Wildlife Values are Key to Understanding Public Support and Engagement in Wildlife Management and Participation in Wildlife-based Recreation

Previous research in the western U.S. states has shown a strong connection between wildlife values and public attitudes toward wildlife management issues as well as participation in wildlife-based recreation.

Changes in Society Reflected by Changing Wildlife Values

Societal changes including urbanization are leading to a shift in wildlife values among the American public. This shift could lead to more diverse expectations of fish and wildlife management agencies and opportunities to engage new audiences.


Research Team

America’s Wildlife Values is a collaborative project supported by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Multistate Conservation Grant Program. The research team led by Colorado State University includes partners representing top academic/research institutions, regional fish and wildlife management associations, and state fish and wildlife agency personnel.


Project History

America’s Wildlife Values is a new a nationwide initiative to better understand public values toward wildlife in the United States. The project is an expansion of earlier efforts in the Western U.S. states that began over a decade ago.


For Participating Agencies

State fish and wildlife management agency representatives can log in to view important details about participation in America's Wildlife Values